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Solar Eclipse 2018 in India timings, date, astrology, precautions: All you need to know

The date is associated with quite a few superstitions surrounding ill-luck. People in old times believed that since the sun, the god of light and the main provider of energy isn’t visible during eclipses it makes them inauspicious. Though this is a partial eclipse but is still being looked forward to. The last Solar Eclipse of the same date was in December 1974, according to NASA. The Myths and beliefs around a solar eclipse are quite common. In Indian culture, it is believed that one should avoid consumption of eatables and preferably stay indoors. Some believe that the duration of Solar eclipse should be spent practising meditation. It is also believed that because of the absence of sun rays the number of bacteria and germs increase and prefer consuming food afterwards and choose to dispose of food kept in that duration because of the deteriorated nutrition value. Practitioners of Ayurveda advice to fast during the eclipse as the bacteria and germs are said to be active in the absence of sunrays. however, People who suffer from any illness should refrain from fasting and consuming light satvik food or drink coconut water. Nuts are a source of ample nutrition and can be consumed.

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